The Endorsement: Real-ass Peanut Butter


For the first time ever, I decided to buy “natural” peanut butter. It costs a little more so it was a splurge; and I’m skeptical of “natural” and “organic” things that cost significantly more. But real-ass PB is a winner.

Ingredients: peanuts, salt.

That’s it. No hydrogenated oils like the typical peanut butter. And it’s tasty to boot.

Natural peanut butter can be a great supplement to your diet because of the natural ingredients, it has a decent amount of protein and, although it looks fatty, it’s filled with a “good fat”, monounsaturated fat. The “good” fat like poly and mono unsaturated, unlike bad trans and saturated fats, are used by the body for energy and promote heart health and helps lower cholesterol. So don’t be afraid of real peanut butter’s fat content if you’re reasonable about the other fats you take in and don’t sacrifice good fats at the expense of wanting to cut trans and saturated fats.

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