Song of the Week – “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

British (by way of Sri Lanka) hip hop artist M.I.A. rhymes over a beat flipped by DJ Diplo from The Clash’s Straight to Hell to create Paper Planes. Straight to Hell is a classic riff and M.I.A’s Caribbean feel gels nicely with Strummer and Jones’s groove. 

Also check Diplo’s treatment of Marlena Shaw’s fantastic California Soul.

7 responses to “Song of the Week – “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

  1. The Paper planes seem to be losing air. There has been some buzz lately about M.I.A.’s connection to a terrorist group. Ceylon Records – the label handling Sri Lankan Rapper Delon has released this controversial viral video the link is below:

    I just want to know what you guys think — it’s pretty shocking. Am I the only one who’s shocked by this? What is up?

  2. Doris,

    I don’t know anything about Sri Lankan politics (or M.I.A.’s politics for that matter) and I ‘m not sure a diss video is the best place to get my facts straight on this issue. Dude may have a point, but I’l withhold judgement until I come across some more vetted analysis.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Really cool stuff, the only thing is that if this is for real, she’s a bitch!

  4. Universal Music Group pulled her song off the trailer of their new film Pineapple Express… is this the start of the end of MIA’s music career in the US?

    Rumor has it that Canada is strongly considering banning MIA from entering the country due to her possible terrorist connections.

    The US refused MIA’s visa numerous times, they need to yank it out of her hand on her way out of the country!

    And I just found this link to E-Entertainment TV’s website:

    E-Online has posted the article about MIA and we need to have 300 comments on their page BY THE END OF TODAY in order to get their attention and further featuring on their site.

    You can make a difference right now! Please go to this link right away and express your opinion, this is a pivotal time in this campaign to get the
    truth out about M.I.A. and her song “Paper Planes”!

    Get the truth out! Go out there and do your part!

  5. Gotta learn how to make real rap/hiphop MIA.

    Straight to E!!!

  6. Lyra,

    I heard “Paper Planes” on a PE TV ad this morning.

    As for the rumors about terrorism – right now, I see that, just rumors. M.I.A. says “”I’ve heard lots of people say that I’m part of a terrorist group and I’m singing about that, and singing songs for them, but that’s wack, I’d never do that.”

    So until there is better evidence, all this “M.I.A. is a terrorist” doesn’t concern me. Talk to me when she’s seen giving money to bin Laden.

  7. Sometimes you gotta be extreme to make an impact in society — and I think that’s what DeLon did exactly. I don’t agree that the use of the images was irreverence — it was an exaggeration of the irreverence that M.I.A. has been showing through her career through the use of terrorist-related symbols and lyrics. You gotta give some credit to this guy for having the guts to speak out on this matter. Terrorism is not a matter to be taken lightly, even in music, specially with hip hop music, a genre that influences many people.

    I found this new related site:

    What bothers me most of all is that they’re having a war against war. I think the best thing that should happen is for M.I.A. and Delon to be on the same side — moving for peace and unity in Sri Lanka. I mean come on, this internet war isn’t making things better. I believe that if M.I.A. and Delon work on the same side, for peace and unity, that would serve us all better.

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