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Crimes and Misdemeanors: A Slate Guide to the Bush White House

Are you like me and can’t keep track of which Bush Administration official is responsible for which crime? Slate is here to help with Crimes and Misdemeanors, their beautifuly organized interactive diagram documenting who is implicated in each major scandal. Each ellipse represents a scandal and each name reveals a dossier.

Or, if you’re busy, Slate suggests:

And if all else fails, fall back on this golden rule of wrongdoing in the White House: All roads lead to Gonzales.

Misinformation – A Compendium

Some hawks like to think that we were lead into war with integrity.  Bullshit.

First, I challenge everyone, especially the war apologists clinging to the delusion that we were lead into war honestly, to watch Frontline: The Dark Side and Bill Moyers’s Selling the War.  Available online, the complimentary PBS docs chronicle the coordinated deceit, coercion, McCarthy-like intimidation of branding dissenters unpatriotic, Cheney’s intelligence power-grab freezing out the CIA to use his own massaged intelligence, and the press’s complicity. All this came out before George Tenet’s admission that “”[t]here was never a serious debate that I know of within the administration about the imminence of the Iraqi threat”.

Second, I did a brief search on YouTube and found six clips showing Bush officials directly contradicting themselves and edited them into this six-minute rough cut.  Did you know in 2001 Powell and Rice said Saddam had not developed any significant WMDs and was not a threat to his neighbors (let alone, the US)!?!

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